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Shopify Winter '24 Edition

Feb 1, 2024

By Shopify

The Shopify Editions Winter '24 highlights over 100 foundational product updates aimed at enhancing commerce businesses. These updates span across various aspects including product merchandising, with significant improvements to listing and discovering even the most complex products, new APIs supporting up to 2,000 variants per product, and enhanced search capabilities with AI-powered features for better understanding customer intent. It also introduces Shopify's new subscriptions app, various improvements to Shopify Checkout, including a new one-page design and Checkout Extensibility features, plus a focus on mobile app integration and payment options enhancements with Shop Pay.

Some of the updates:

Expanding Product Variants (max 2000 limit)

Enhanced Display and Merchandising

Simplified Product Creation & Classification

Semantic Search — AI

Shopify Subscriptions

B2B Sales Enhancements (sales reps)

Optimized Fulfillable Inventory

Checkout Extensibility

Web Performance Dashboard

Returns & Exchanges

Shopify Magic with AI (image editing)

Shopify Bundles (max 30 products)