about us

cerb - start your shopify store

we have been creating web sites and web shops for the past 14 years

Our main focus is on ecommerce, providing comprehensive solutions and services to businesses looking to establish or optimize their online presence for selling products or services. Our services include website design and development, creating user-friendly interfaces, implementing secure payment gateways, integrating inventory management systems, optimizing for search engines, and enhancing overall user experience. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business goals and tailor solutions that align with their brand identity and target audience. As an ecommerce-focused web agency, we provide ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization services to ensure the smooth functioning of the online store and to drive continual growth. Our expertise in ecommerce trends, technology, and user behavior enables us to provide valuable insights and guidance to help businesses succeed in the competitive digital marketplace.

custom vs. platform

We have been building web sites and ecommerce web shops for the past 14 years, either custom from scratch, or by using commercial platforms like Magento and Shopify.
While some projects have particularities that dictate the use of a custom built solution, most of the ecommerce projects will work perfectly on Shopify.

it desn't have to be a shop

While we are specilized in eCommerce projects, we're not limited to these. So we're open to any other web project, like building or updating your company's web site and connecting it to other systems.

get in touch: [email protected]